Adventures of a New Teacher – Day 8

Today I had to give one of the two math screeners our district has to our students.This made for a rather uneventful day in the classroom. I’m not the biggest fan of these screeners as I worry that its just another test and doesn’t ever accurately test our student’s knowledge. However, I think the one that I had to give today is a step up from the rest. This one was created by one of the local ISD’s and gives much more detailed information. Rather than calculating a score of readiness and some general areas where students seemed to preform poorly on, this one breaks it down by standards. It also only looks at some of the very foundational material students need to be successful.

I haven’t had a chance to really dive into the information that it gives me as we have a few people who still need to take it. As I am looking at it right now I can start to see where there is going to need to be some intervention steps taken to help our students get where they need to be. I’m really excited to be able to have the specific standards they are struggling on so that I can provide more targeted intervention both individually and as a whole group. This is going to help a lot as I plan for the next week or so before we really get into the actual coursework.

Tomorrow should be a much more entertaining day as it will be one the first time we are trying to do something beside coursework to try and get the whole program together!


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