Adventures of a New Teacher – Day 1

Today marked the first day of my teaching career and I would have to say it went remarkably well considering we are still working out quite a few kinks in the new program! My goal today was to try and get students familiar with a new program, new building, and a new teacher. I started with giving students the chance to ask me questions about myself. It was surprising what little questions they had! I think some of that may have been all the newness that it was just so overwhelming. I think we will return to this in some form after everyone gets settled in.

Quick recap on the numbers in our program. We have 2 teachers, 45-ish students, 3 subjects we are certified to teach (between the 2 of us), and 6 hours in a day. This means we see many students multiple times a day and I think my biggest struggle/challenge this year will be working with students who are in my room multiple times a day. Some of this will be broken up as we a few hours each day dedicated to online credit recovery for subjects that we unfortunately cannot teach.  There are sometimes I want to be able to supplement that part of the program and I have to be careful to not subject the same student to the same material in multiple hours. I learned that the hard way today when by the 5th hour of the day I had seen everyone in the program and ran out of things to talk about and do! Oops! I suppose its better to do that day one than later on down the road.

Learned my lesson there and ready to go back for day 2! Next up The Marshmallow Challenge!


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