New Year. New Job. New Challenges.

It has been a while since I posted anything on here. Since my last post I have graduated, substitute taught, worked as a math interventionist, and most recently got my first full-time teaching position! I accepted a position as a high school math teacher in an Alternative High School.

The exciting thing about this position is that this year the school has taken a new approach with the alternative high school, which is now the Fusion program. What makes this unique is that our students will have full access to things at the high school that they have never had before, the library, a counselor, sports, etc. However, the more exciting thing is that a majority of our students will be able to spend half of their day at the Career Technical Center learning real hands on skills that I cannot provide myself.

Starting this new program has come with some bumps in the road. My one (and only) colleague, who has helped form the Fusion program, was hit by a drunk driver on her motorcycle and as a result she is on medical leave while she recovers. We have also had some other staff changes that resulted in a new counselor and secretary. We have also had to move from the old building into temporary rooms in the high school until our new space in the building is ready later in the school year. As all of this happened this summer I reported today for our first day of meetings before starting not having a schedule, for me or our students and not even knowing for sure what courses I’ll be teaching.

I’m not going to lie I’ve done my fair share of stressing out about things this summer (I’ve gotten it under control lately 🙂 ), but tonight I was reminded about what is really important. The students. We had our beginning of the year open house and I quite honestly was expecting to sit in my room for 2 hours mindlessly surfing the internet after being at school all day. I got back to my room a few minutes before we were set to start and there was already students and parents in there waiting to ask questions about what the year was going to look like. Seeing everyone there made me realize that even though I might not know what things are going to look like after the first couple of days of school it doesn’t matter because these kids are excited be there and excited for a fresh start and so am I!

My goal is to have an awesome year with this new job and new program and make it the best first year that I can! I hope to be able to spend a few minutes each day to reflect on the day and share my experiences on here.


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