Refined Goals

This afternoon I had my first coaching session with my content area supervisor for my teacher assisting semester. We talked about what goals I have for the semester, what areas do I want to work on, and what should I stay mindful of this semester. I will admit I was skeptical of how this coaching session could be useful for me. Some of this skepticism could have been from my stubbornness or from the belief that I have figured it out on my own so far, so I could do this right? I mean they are my goals! I will admit though after completing the session I happy this is apart of our semester. In my last post I wrote about my goals for the semester, which at the time seemed to be a little scattered but at the time I felt like I need to get them recorded. After the session I feel as though they are more refined and I am more comfortable with what they are and what exactly should I be thinking about. Now that I have these new or refined ideas of my goals for the semester I will share them.

I now have more defined goals for the “behind the scenes” aspects of teaching. In my planning I want to work on thinking about where student’s misconceptions may come in during a lesson. I also want to make sure that my students see the connections in and outside of the math classroom so what they learn does not turn into the thought “who really cares”. I want to use the tools that I have at my disposal effectively. I think I can use a lot of what I learned in other classes to help me accomplish this. I also have Twitter, which I knew could be helpful but I had not had the chance to see this first hand until the other day when I got some great ideas on presenting vocabulary to students in a meaningful way.

Another big picture goal that is clearer now is my idea on what I what to accomplish with lesson planning this semester. I feel as though that if I can learn about many different lesson planning formats I can then take what I like from each of these formats and create my own “outline” lesson plan format. I think by doing this I will feel prepared to teach a lesson but also feel more comfortable if things do not go as planned.

In order for me to accomplish these goals there are some things I must be mindful of this semester as I work on my teaching. It will all come down to me keeping these goals in mind as plan. I do not want to forget about keeping my eye out for some of the common misconceptions that may arise as I think this will limit the shock that can come when you realize something is not working. In doing all of this I want to make sure that I am creating genuine and meaningful lessons and activities. My biggest hope in doing all of this is to become the best teacher that I can be in promoting genuine student learning. As the semester goes on I plan on keeping all this in mind and on updating here regularly about where I feel like I am at in accomplishing them.


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