Teacher Assisting: Week One

I have now completed my first week of teacher assisting in a 7th grade math classroom at a charter school in West Michigan. Well not quite a full week, we started with two snow days from the so-called “polar vortex”. Wednesday came and I finally had my first day. Upon walking in the school one question came from multiple students, “Are you here for Mr./ Mrs. _________?” Once I got to the classroom most of the first day was spent with uneasiness coming from the students about who and what we (me and my placement partner, Kelsie) were doing in their classroom in the middle of the school year. However, by the second day this seemed to have disappeared. The rest of the week was spent learning the school, how to make copies, helping with questions during class, and observing how the classroom was structured. Our CT is great and seems really open to trying new things and letting us begin to take over as soon as possible. Monday starts our first phase of this, as we will be handling the Good News portion of class. That about sums up my week there and I cannot wait to get the semester going!



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